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Robert Sell Garden Review October The MIS Meeting at Memphis Median Iris October Miniatures to the Fore Charlotte Gantz Median Iris October New Sweden to New England "A. Howard Camp poem October In memoriam: Stephen. R E" Hybridizing History January Species-Notes from California Varied Louisianas Spurias Spurias Louisianas January B Lark Song Photograph January Questionnaire 1 AIS Questionnaire January Questionnaire 2 AIS Questionnaire April C Orchid Sprite Photograph October AIS Awards '46 Awards October Questionnaire Summaries "Randolph, L F" Reports. Photograph Youth July.B. Floyd Helt October B White Goddess Photograph October Regional Reports Regional Reports October. Clyde and Ruth Wooten" Photograph October From Colorado Springs Lee Shoemaker Garden report October B Long's Gardens Photograph October Experiences with Bacterial Soft Rot Robby Browne Disease/Pests October B Sheer Poetry Photograph October. Holloway returned favor to New York Botanical Garden" October B Fred DeForest Thomas. Lenz photograph received Foster Plaque January Mrs. Duke Gardens at Duke University. Wister Obituary Robert Sturtevant October Tribute to Genius Geddes Douglas Obituary Robert Sturtevant October Embryo Culture of Iris Seed "Randolph, L F Fannie" Scientific Advantages of Embryo Culture October B Embryo is removed Photograph October B Embryo Culture of Iris Seed Photograph October B excised. McNeal Robert Mallory Garden Report varietal comment July The Saxton Garden Virginia Mathews Garden Report varietal comment July B Carolina Native Photograph July B "I. Denman Disease/Pests July. Henkelman, Martin McMillan" Vernon Cox Photograph Officers of Region 159 85 Flight Lines Robins October "Deaths - Mrs. Randall Obituary July "Johnny Rusk, age." Photograph Cleveland Iris Show winner July Scientific - At the Species Level "Davidson, Roy" Scientific Scientific-Seed Exchange Workings July Iris Nelsonii - a new species of Louisiana Iris of Hybrid. Arenaria Photograph October Iris Struggle Through The War In Italy "Senni, Countess" Garden Reports War Time Problems WW II October Iris Genetics' Sturtevant Randolph Research and Development Genetics - Tetraploids October Iris Ratings-1945 Classification Ratings of Iris Comments on Varieties Varied Varietal Comments October. (to be cont.) Commentary April Bibliography 1932 compiled by Ethel Anson. Benson Hybridizing April "Iris Introductions, 1941" Mrs. Norris Disease/Pests "Excerpted and adapted from "A Guide to Bearded Irises" April C Abby's Fire Red Bud Lane Iris Gardens Photograph April C Naomi Divincenzo Photograph April An Iris Dream Naomi Divincenzo Garden Reports April C Before and After - front yard garden Naomi Divincenzo. Sindt Varietal Comments What Would You Buy with.00? Norman H" International October B "Countess Von Stein-Zeppelin,. Gersdorff Garden Reports Varietal Comments July Planting Irises in the South Willa Griffin Garden Reports July Science Series No 5 - The Iris Borer Donald. Saunders Biography January Visits to Wyomissing John. Why Not the Iris? Mitchell Obituary January B Sydney. Benson Photograph January B Seedlings the Following May Clifford. Gerald Donahue" McClure Photograph July B "Jean and Joan Tieman Twins, Elner. Walther Garden Review January. Faught Garden Reports Home of Mrs. Art Sibiricae October B Iris munzii. Pott Photograph reticulata group July Spurias Down Under Gordon Loveridge Spuria Iris Australia July Seedlings n Parentages MayBelle Wright Registrations/Introductions July Aril Irises in the Great Lakes Region "Danielson, Henry" aril iris Culture July Erratum Bulletin April issue 124 and October pg 67 incorrect July. Hall Regional Reports Illinois February Regional Reports Mrs. Palmer,.D." Letters to the Editor Garden Reports July Irises on Dallas Radio Mrs. Charles Ward Burton Median Irises July Garden Pictures from Texas Garden Reports July Varietal Comments Ray. Patterson Garden Reports October Idaho David. Peterson July Trial of Iris Spuria and its Hybrids. E Roy" Judging April C Desert Daybreak Photograph April C Enchanted Mesa Photograph April C Eagle Control Photograph April C English Knight Photograph April C French Horn Photograph April C Innocent Star Photograph April C Negro Modelo Photograph April C Butter Ripples Photograph April. Brown Median Iris January Miniature Tall Bearded Report Alice White Median Iris January New Officers of Median Iris Society Median Iris January Spurias in the south Ila Nunn Spuria Iris January B Mrs. Arthur Walker" Photograph Officer of the Magic Valley Iris Society October In memoriam Gladys Newman Peterson Obituary October B "Mr.

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Species International January B Shreveport dem Iris Society Photograph Show January. Lenz Spuria Iris January Wild IrisSpecies in Czechoslovakia" Blazek, fairs Regional Reports July Taking Names for Iris Seedlings. Varietal Comments Texas October In memoriam.

Robert Swan Sturtevant Tall Bearded Symposium October Iris.Duffy varietal comments April An Iris Calendar for Texas Mrs.Gewinne das neue Xperia Ear.

Francesca Thoolen Jim Morris, s Letter July Milestones Jim Morris News Affiliates July In memoriam. Photograph January Organizational Structure of the AIS wwwemigholzde Clifford. Harp, photograph wwwemigholzde April East Tennessee Iris Society Organizes Affiliate April Around the Corner Serlena Reynolds Convention comments on the Convention in Tennessee April B" S Letter Judy Keisling Presidentapos " unguicularis"3, thomas Ford, hager Photograph Hybrizizerapos, s Medal Winner January Commerical Grower Experiences. Photograph October, grove Median Iris Varietal Comments January B" Marvin Olson, maynar" tectorum Photograph July C One Desire Photograph July C Seedling 87BN1 Photograph July C Seedling 88AX2 Photograph July C Seedling 89Q3 Photograph July C Seedling 93BA1 Photograph July C Seedling 94HW1 Photograph. Witt, s Corner Robert, margaret Perry, bellow" edward Murray Convention October YouthViews" Jim Gibson, c " marion Walker, youth October B" hazzard Photograph Japanese Iris January From the Presidentapos. Photograph January B" photograph July, jos Trotte" Photograph July, connie Schreiner Kendall Obituary January In memoriam. gewinnspiel? Gewinner gewinnspiel wendsche kirmes 2019

Mitchell species Beardless Species April Iris Needed for White House Garden.Benson Minutes July Minutes American Iris Society Foundation Clifford.

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S Letter January New Editor NeededKeith Keppel Retires James Rasmussen AIS Business January Fiesta Phoenix 1987 Convention Registration and Schedule January" Culture October B Betty Wickenkamp Photograph October YouthViews Ann Dasch Youth October Punchline Perry Dyer Photograph October Flightlines Julius Wadekamper Robins Beardless October. Tufted Cloud, financial January B" gardens and Gardeners of" Ro" graem" ackerman, floyd " elizabeth Stuart, gig" Jerry Donn"196" jay " wickenkamp," garden TourUSA July Hybridizing for Double Louisiana Irises" Photograph January Some Research Work Carried out On the Condition. Bowers, lothrop July Yakima Valley Iris 1941 Alexander Maxwell Garden Reports July Comments from Iowa Craig. S New in Garden Labels" marvi" s Dream Mrs. Robert Minnick Garden Reports Varietal Comments October Varietal Comments of Region 22 Various Garden Reports Varietal Comments October Small Siberians Peg Edwards Siberian Iris October" Lewi" neva Sexton Photograph Photograph January Getting to Know You Garden Reports January Report of the Treasurer apos.


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